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Recloser controller

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RWK overhead line protection switch intelligent controller is medium voltage overhead line grid monitoring unit, It can be equipped with RCW(ER) type vacuum circuit breaker for  achieve of automatic monitoring, fault analysis and event records.
Its given to us a safety power grid for cutting line fault and automatic recovery operation and power automation.
RWK series is suitable for up to 35kV outdoor switchgear using, include: vacuum circuit breakers, oil circuit breakers and gas circuit breakers.
RWK intelligent controller is gathering with line protection, control, measurement and monitoring of voltage and current signals integrated automation and control devices outdoors.
RWK is a automatic management unit for single way/multi ways/ring network/two power sourcing, provided with all voltage and current signals and all functions.
RWK column switch intelligent controller supports:
Wireless (GSM/GPRS/CDMA), Ethernet mode, WIFI, optical fiber, power line carrier, RS232/485, RJ45 and other forms of communication, and can access other station premises equipment (such as TTU, FTU, DTU, etc.).
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