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Economical recloser

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Rockwill Electric strives to bring our customers the latest technology and competitive pricing and best service for distribution automatic.
The economical recloser series automatic circuit reclosers can use on overhead distribution lines as well as distribution substation applications for all voltage classes 10kV up to 38kV at 50/60Hz power system per standards like: IEC62271-111,ANSI/IEC C37.60 and GB1984-2006. And All Rockwill's Recloser is provided with current rating up to 1250A.
The economical recloser series automatic circuit reclosers integrates the functions of control, protection, measurement, communication, fault detection, on-line monitoring of closing or opening.
The economical recloser series vacuum recloser is mainly combined with integration terminal, current transformer, spring mechanism and its recloser controller.
The Vacuum recloser tanks are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel and are powder coated a light grey colour.
Whole recloser tank meet to IP65 protection class, equipped with a auxiliary plug to connect with recloser controller by control cable, Diameter Max58mm, standard 6 M length(9M for special).
Its can performance serve more than 20 years long term under heavy duty circumstance.
The recloser’s vacuum interrupter insert in an epoxy resin pole, and external coated with a high reliable, stable material:Fluorocarbon silicone rubber(γ-trifluoro propyl methyl polysiloxane) With excellent electric insulation,weather resistance, ozone, biological inertia,can be stand under the long-term use in -55 ~ +200 ℃.

Rockwill's recloser gather multi relay protections like:
EF1/EF2 SEF1/SEF2 Cold Load Pickup
Live Load Blocking Oscillography Capture capability
Programmable Logic 4 Independent Protection Groups
Advanced Automation Harmonic Protection and Monitoring
Hot Line Tag Capability Negative Phase Sequence Overcurrent
Inverse Time Protection Live Line Function & Hot Line Tag Function
Definite Time Protection Directional Sensitive ground Fault Protection
Two fast-two slow curves Phase (OV1) & Line-to-Line (OV2) Over Voltage
Temporary Time Addition Directional over current and ground fault protection
Voltage Protection Element Phase under-voltage balanced element (UV1)
Logic program-able function Phase-to-Phase Under-voltage Element (UV2)
Zone Sequence Co-ordination Loss of Supply (UV3)
High set Instantaneous element Voltage Sag Protection (UV4 Sag)
Power Quality monitoring including Systems Performance Indices, Voltage Sags and Swells
Voltage reclose control with automatic back feed(restoration provides loop automation functionality)
If you want More functions, pls consult with us!
Part Number RCW12N/630-20 RCW20(27)N/630-20 RCW38N/630-20
Current Sensing 3 x Current Transformers 3 x Current Transformers 3 x Current Transformers
Voltage Sensing 3 x Voltage Sensors 3 x Voltage Sensors 3 x Voltage Sensors
Control Type RWK-351 RWK-351 RWK-351


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